Important Events


Selected as the third batch of "National Demonstration Base for Integration of Culture, Science and Technology"


  • During the Beijing Summit of the Forum for China-Africa Cooperation, 5 African heads of state visited the Beijing headquarters of StarTimes, and 21 African heads of state of 20 countries received StarTimes' senior executives.

  • In sub-Saharan Africa, StarTimes relayed 64 Russian World Cup matches in four languages: Chinese, English, French and Russian for the very first time.

  • Participation in the Fourth Forum on China-Africa Media Cooperation

  • Top 100 Science and Technology Innovations of Beijing Private Enterprises in 2018

  • Top 100 Cultural Industries of Beijing Private Enterprises in 2018


  • The "Ten Thousand Villages Project" was formally approved by the State Council and put into effect by StarTimes
  • Participation in the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation


  • StarTimes held a press conference in Beijing on CSL’s first landing in Africa

  • The First StarTimes Cup: Chinese Films and TV Dramas Competition was held in Tanzania

  • StarTimes obtained Pakistani Satellite TV Operating License


  • Completion of commercial redemption of ODM of South Africa

  • During the Johannesburg Summit of the Forum on China-Africa

  • Cooperation, StarTimes collaborated on the China-Africa Media Summit


  • The “Beijing TV Dramas and Movies Broadcasting Season in Africa”hosted by StarTimes was launched in Nairobi

  • StarTimes launched Dadin Kowa Channel (Hauasa) and Swahili Channel


The opening ceremony of StarTimes Headquarters was held in Beijing


  • StarTimes established subsidiaries in D. R. Congo, Gabon and Cameroon

  • StarTimes Ministerial Symposium on Digital TV Development in Africa was held in Beijing

  • StarTimes was awarded as "National Cultural Export Key Enterprises"


  • The First African Digital TV Summit in Beijing

  • Acquisition of Kenyan national digital TV signal transmission license through global bidding

  • StarTimes and the China-Africa Development Fund signed an Agreement on Non-Strategic Cooperation in Beijing


  • StarTimes established subsidiary in Mozambique

  • The Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony of the New Headquarters of StarTimes was held in Beijing


StarTimes established subsidiaries in Nigeria, Tanzania, Central Africa and Burundi


  • StarTimes established subsidiaries in Guinea and Uganda

  • StarTimes Communication Network Company and StarTimes Software Technology Co., Ltd. obtained the qualification of "High-tech Enterprise" in Beijing

  • StarTimes Software Technology Co., Ltd. passed CMMI3 Qualification Certification


StarTimes set up subsidiary in Rwanda


  • StarTimes obtained qualification of "Foreign Contracted Project Management" issued by the Ministry of Commerce

  • StarTimes established Hebei Radio and TV Cable Digital Television Co., Ltd. in conjuction with Tianjin Tongguang Group and Hebei Radio and Television Network Company


StarTimes acquired Hebei Province Radio and Television Backbone Network Digital TV Platform Project and Multi-service Transmission Platform Project through bidding


StarTimes and Binzhou Broadcasting and TV Bureau jointly financed Binzhou Canton Network Co., Ltd.


  • StarTimes Software Technology Co., Ltd. was established

  • StarTimes received the first large-scale software project — the construction of integrated business support system of Tianjin Radio and TV Network Company


StarTimes obtained IS09001 National Quality System Certification


The headquarters of StarTimes was moved to Beijing and renamed as "Beijing StarTimes Communication Network Technology Co., Ltd."


StarTimes received the first broadband service integrated network project - the construction of Chifeng Cable TV Station Broadband Integrated Information Network


StarTimes branch "Beijing New Sida Electronics Co., Ltd." established in Qinhuangdao Development Zone


Construction of the First 1550 Optical Fiber Transmission System with a Transmission Distance of Over 100 km


Construction of the First Optical Fiber Integrated Broadband Interactive Network Project in China


StarTimes Electronics Co., Ltd. in Qinhuangdao Development Zone established


Design and installation of the first cable TV system of adjacent channel in China


StarTimes predecessor “Qinhuangdao Sound and Image Technology Engineering Department” was established.