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StarTimes ON is a leading video streaming service platform developed by StarTimes, which provides users in 45 African countries with multi-network, multi-terminal and multi-functional video streaming services.
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StarTimes ON is dynamically deployed based on Amazon cloud computing services. With the help of its DTH platform and the built-in CDN system, StarTimes ON has built a transcontinental, multi-network video streaming system renowned for its comprehensive coverage, high flexibility, high stability and low cost.

In 2017, StarTimes launched its first online video app. In 2018, after a comprehensive upgrade, StarTimes launched content subscription service for StarTimes ON users. Through adopting leading video coding technology and cooperation with local telecom operators, StarTimes has reduced the data traffic cost of users, and provided users in 45 African countries with multi-network, multi-terminal, and multi-functional (live, on-demand, short video, etc.) video streaming services.

The major content of StarTimes video streaming services is from its TV channels, especially its exclusive sports events and copyrighted movie and TV shows. African users will no longer be restricted by time and location, and they can enjoy the contents provided by StarTimes with no hindrance. Meanwhile, through a series of subscription-based mobile products tailored for different groups of users, StarTimes ON quickly attracted a large number of African users. As of now, StarTimes ON has more than 20 million users in Africa.