Kenya's local content development invested by StarTimes to be aired via a self-produced channel, Rembo TV
2019-08-08 15:00:00

On August 5, 2019, Kenya’s  local channel - Rembo TV which was invested by StarTimes Kenya subsidiary was officially launched. With women as its target audience, Rembo TV focuses on reality shows. The channel’s content is 60% in Swahili, 30% in English, and 10% in other indigenous languages. Wang Xiaoqing, StarTimes manager of East Africa Region, said that local users' demand for local contents has been increasing, and the content that Rembo produced could really resonate with Kenyan users. Mr. Timothy Owase, the Chief Executive Officer of the Kenyan Film Association, pointed out that sustained investment in Kenya’s local content was an important indicator of the industry's growth. The launch of Rembo TV will not only increase local audience ratings, but also further develop Kenya's content industry, and it will be a great business opportunity for content producers and artists.