Award ceremony of  the first Pan Africa Online Film Festival came to a successful end
2019-09-07 15:00:00

On Sept. 6, 2019 local time, the award ceremony of the first Pan Africa Online Film Festival (PAOFF), initiated by StarTimes, came to a successful end in Lagos, Nigeria. PAOFF is the first international Internet film festival that was created to boost the development of the African film and music industry. The film festival had different awards such as Best Film, Best Short Film, Best Music Video and others. The final result would be decided by online voters. Through the online streaming platform, StarTimes ON, audience could watch the entries and vote for them via a fans’ voting system. The rankings of entries would be decided by the votes they received. All professional film and music producers in Africa can participate in the selection of entries. PAOFF has received wide attention since it was launched. Oga Bello (real name Adebayo Salami), a famous and talented Nollywood director, praised PAOFF for its important role in boosting the development of African film industry.