Group Introduction
2019-12-25 14:11:36

Founded in 1988, Sida Times Group is the most influential system integrator, technology provider, network operator and content provider in China's radio and television industry. We are moving towards the goal of a media group with global influence.

In 2002, the Four Times era sailed across the ocean and started the great cause of working with African countries to promote the digitalization and informationization of society. It has registered companies in more than 30 countries including Rwanda, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Mozambique, Guinea, Congo (DRC) and South Africa, and has launched digital TV operations. It has developed nearly 10 million users and become the fastest-growing and influential African continent The largest digital TV operator.
Since the beginning of the creation of the Star Times, it has always adhered to the concept of harmonious and win-win development, adhered to the value orientation of innovation, integrity, diligence, and dedication, and made the performance of social responsibilities an inescapable obligation of the company. It has won wide recognition and respect at home and abroad. .