StarTimes has launched an integrated e-shopping platform StarTimes GO: looking forward to a good life
2020-04-23 16:32:00

Recently, StarTimes has launched an integrated e-shopping platform, StarTimes GO, to provide African people with convenient e-shopping experience, which StarTimes describes as TOP. TOP stands for TV Shopping, Online Shopping and Teleshopping, which constitute the multi-channel service. Customers can place orders by calling the hotline or logging in the app - StarTimes ON. After customers place orders, the system can match the nearest StarTimes store or agent store according to the delivery location, and provide home delivery and free installation service. In addition, considering that big families are common in Africa, StarTimes GO gives free VIP services for digital TV products to meet each family member’s need for TV programs. Customers can enjoy the VIP services of three StarTimes ON platforms at the same time. From picking up products and placing orders to home delivery, customers can enjoy perfect shopping experience on StarTimes GO without leaving home.