Zambia National Digital TV Migration Project
2020-11-22 15:16:50

In October 2015, the Zambia National Digital TV Migration Project was officially started, including the construction of the national digital TV center and the transmission network platform, the digitization of the state TV station of Zambia, the digitization of the provincial radio and TV buildings and TV stations, the construction of the state operation center and business hall and the digitization of all terminal receiving systems, etc.

At present, the project is progressing smoothly. Phase I of this project, with a contract value of $9.55 million, was delivered in 2015. The total investment of the Phase II and Phase III of this project is $273 million, with 70% completed.

The Zambian Government and the President Edgar Lungu attached great importance to this project, and inspected it several times. At the end of 2017, Lungu visited the HD digital studio of the state TV station built by StarTimes Software, and received an exclusive interview from the state TV station of Zambia in the new studio. He briefed the public on the general situation of the Zambia National Digital TV migration Project and expressed his affirmation of the overall progress of the project. At the opening ceremony of the 92nd Zambia Agricultural and Commercial Show in August, 2018, Mr. Edgar Lungu inspected the OB van turned over by StarTimes Software and heard a detailed report on this migration project. Lungu said that information was very important for the development of a country. Therefore, the Zambian government has spent a large amount of money on TV digitization, to enable the public to enjoy digital TV as soon as possible.