Mozambique National Radio and TV Digital Migration Project
2020-12-01 15:14:28

In 2016, with its outstanding technical capability, overall solution including comprehensive financing solutions, repayment solutions, operation solutions and skill transfer solution, StarTimes Software stood out from 12 competitive enterprises and was awarded the Mozambique National Radio and TV Digital Migration with a contract value of $156 million.

Mozambique National Radio and TV Digital Migration Project provides overall solution for radio and TV digitization throughout Mozambique, including radio and TV network digitization, playout center digitization, program element and terminal digitization, and infrastructure construction of operation center building. At present, the project has already completed 70%. Signals have been able to send and the entire system have already been connected and debugged in Mozambique's capital Maputo and important cities: Bella and Nampula.

The project receives high attention and acclaim from the Government of Mozambique. Filipe Nyusi, the president of Mozambique fully affirmed the overall strength of StarTimes Software, and highly appreciated the achievements made by StarTimes Software in promoting digital migration in Mozambique. Nyusi said that StarTimes Software has contributed to the digitization of radio and TV in Mozambique and is a trusted partner. This project not only provides a large number of jobs for local young people, but also nurtures a lot of excellent talents, which is a role model of economic and cultural exchanges between China and Africa.