Overseas Operation
StarTimes has established an enormous network system, which is capable of providing service to tens of millions of subscribers. With the content relay platform, Direct-to-Home satellite platform, digital terrestrial TV platform, and OTT platform, StarTimes has made its signal available throughout the continents of Africa, Europe, as well as part of Asia.
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Earth Satellite Upstream Stations
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Large Digital TV Playout Centers
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Digital TV Transmitting Stations
Products & Solutions
Driven by technology innovation, StarTimes is always committed to integrate the latest generation of information technology and digital media services, to provide users with digital radio and TV overall solutions on the basis of integrated media technology, intelligent terminals, government and enterprise integrated video communication solutions and other relevant products and services.
Media Business
StarTimes’ content platform has more than 630 channels, including the most popular African local channels, Chinese mainstream channels, internationally renowned channels, and self-run channels of StarTimes.
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  • Translation & Dubbing
  • Programme Post-Production
  • Programme Distribution
Successful Cases
  • STARTIMES a conclu un partenariat avec l' OMDF dans le cadre de la distribution de kits solaires
    STARTIMES MEDIA (MADAGACAR) SARL a conclu un partenariat avec l’OMDF dans le cadre de la distribution de kits solaires.
  • Access to Satellite TV for 10,000 African Villages Project
    The Ministry of Commerce, in conjunction with the Publicity Department, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the State Council of the Central Committee of the CPC, selected StarTimes Software Technology Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as "StarTimes Software") as the sole executing unit of the "Access to Satellite TV for 10,000 African Villages Project".
  • Mozambique National Radio and TV Digital Migration Project
    In 2016, with its outstanding technical capability, overall solution including comprehensive financing solutions, repayment solutions, operation solutions and skill transfer solution, StarTimes Software stood out from 12 competitive enterprises and was awarded the Mozambique National Radio and TV Digital Migration with a contract value of $156 million.
  • Zambia National Digital TV Migration Project
    In October 2015, the Zambia National Digital TV Migration Project was officially started, including the construction of the national digital TV center and the transmission network platform, the digitization of the state TV station of Zambia, the digitization of the provincial radio and TV buildings and TV stations, the construction of the state operation center and business hall and the digitization of all terminal receiving systems, etc.
  • African Digital TV Development Seminar
    In 2011, StarTimes held the first African Digital TV Development Seminar. Its strong line-up, bright themes, forward-looking and win-win cooperation model aroused high attention and wide participation of African governments and the radio and TV industry, leading and promoting the development and progress of digital TV in Africa.